Thursday, 19 March 2009

Member of UK Youth meeting with Southport Councillors

We were very please to meet up again with Ian Goley Southport's member of the UK Youth Parliament. Southport councillors had a briefing last evening and we arranged to meet Ian when it had finished. (picture shows Ian, Mike Booth, Sue McQuire and me. Fred Weavers took the photo and Simon Shaw was late. Richard Hands is still not well and went home after the briefing. (Thanks to all who are still asking after him)

The UK Youth parliament has been in the news recently with the House of Commons agreeing that they should meet and debate in the Westminster chamber.

'MPs have voted to allow members of the Youth Parliament to hold a meeting on the
floor of the House of Commons.
The move, resisted by several Conservative MPs, will see the chamber being used other than by members of the lower house for the first time'

It was good to have the opportunity to discuss with Ian what he would like to do during his year in the Parliament and the role he can play within Southport and with the council. I hope that at the end of the year he will be able to look back and point to some improvements in which he and his colleagues have been involved. I also hope we did not shrink his vision to those thing that Sefton Council deals with