Monday, 16 March 2009


One of the issue we were discussing at the Governance working party this morning was area committees-Southport, Formby, Crosby etc could be given more control over the services in their communities. In order to achieve this we would need to make a transparent apportionment of the budget. Personally I welcome that especially as it would stop such whinging nonsense as we got from Bootle.

The recent minutes of St Oswald and Netherton and Orrell Area Committee state re the 09-10 Highway Maintenance Programme:

"Of the 34 schemes highlighted in the footway reconstruction programme, 27 were
in the Southport and Maghull areas and it was considered that the south of
the borough did not receive its fair share of works, not only in the above
programme, but in all other programmes"

I wouldn't mind but a significant amount of time and energy (and good will) is expended by councillors of all parties in Southport explaining why Bootle get all the extra revenue from central government that is not available for the north of the borough. I am perfectly happy to stand up for extra investment in economically deprived areas and take the flak. Sadly it would appear that playing a childish populist card is to greater temptation for some of our colleagues......