Saturday, 21 March 2009


Thursday’s decision to give the go-ahead for a multi-million redevelopment of Southport’s Indoor Market has been warmly welcomed by Birkdale’s Lib Dem councillors. Sefton’s ruling Cabinet agreed, on a cross-party basis, a major redevelopment scheme at its meeting on 19th March

Birkdale’s Councillor Simon Shaw is particularly pleased that the Council have decided to go for a comprehensive scheme of redevelopment rather than the basic refurbishment agreed in principle last July.
Simon says that the scheme now agreed very much shows the vision which he first publicly called for in August last year.
Simon wrote to senior council officers on 12th August 2008 calling for “a fuller development of the Southport Indoor Market, rather than the mere refurbishment of the existing single storey building.”

Simon also issued a press statement which was the basis of a story in the Visiter at the end of August in which he called for the Council to be ‘bold’ and ‘to explore a more ambitious redevelopment scheme than has previously been talked about’.

“Seven months ago I publicly called for the Council to be bold and that is certainly what is being proposed now, “ says Simon.

“What I said then was that doing nothing more than refurbishing the existing building would represent the loss of a major opportunity to develop the Market Hall site to the long term benefit of Southport.”

“I am obviously delighted that officers and external consultants have had the vision to propose a market fit for the 21st century. It is just what Southport needs as a ‘Classic Resort’”.
In his letter to Sefton officers, Simon referred to Shrewsbury Market which has a mezzanine floor, and which he felt could be a pointer to the sort of adventurous development which could considered for Southport.

In September, Simon was able to visit to Shrewsbury Market Hall and fed back photographs to council officers. He is pictured (above) on the mezzanine floor there, and is particularly keen that the idea of a new mezzanine should be considered in Southport Market Hall
Assuming the decision on the future of the Market Hall is not ‘called in’ it will become definitive by 31st March.