Wednesday, 18 March 2009

St Patrick's night at the Falstaff

Simon Shaw, Sue McGuire (please note correct spelling) and I had arranged a meeting yesterday evening to discuss a couple of local issues. At about 6.30pm as folk were clearly keen to go home we adjourned to the Falstaff pub.
Now none of us had quiet cottoned on to the fact it was St Patrick's night and as we entered the pub we were met with a sea of green, a live band and a promotion on Guinness. Sue entered into the spirit of things not only drinking a pint of Guinness but donning a leprechaun's hot (top left).
Adrian, the landlord, had clearly put in a lot of work and was out in front leading his staff by example. We sadly hear of many pubs shutting but the Falstaff is an example of a pub which is clearly determined to survive the recession. The good value home cooked food is liked by a large loyal following of residents especially at lunch time. The beer is good-a favourite with CAMRA members -and I noticed that they had acquired the award for have a 'good cellar'
The Landlord has also joined enthusiastically in with the shop locally campaign and had 'I love Southport' stickers well in evidence.