Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More lessons from Shrewsbury Market visit

My colleague Councillor Simon Shaw came away from his fact-finding visit to Shrewsbury Market Hall last September with quite a few photographs. Following his visit he forwarded these on to the senior Sefton Council officers who, since last July, have been preparing the key report which was finally considered by Cabinet last week.

As well as the photograph posted on Saturday which clearly shows the mezzanine floor at Shrewsbury, Simon has sent through some more photographs from his 2008 visit to that town, also famous for its Flower Show.

The first photograph shows Simon outside one of the organic produce stalls on the main floor of Shrewsbury Market. The style of the market hall, which was completely rebuilt in the 1960s, is interesting with an attempt to recreate the appearance of an outdoor market, but indoors.
Photograph 2 shows another view of the mezzanine level above the main floor. Simon first called last August for consideration to be given to using the space above Southport’s market hall, which. of course, is presently ground floor only.

The last photograph shows Simon with a Shrewsbury Market Hall bag showing their “mh” logo. The quality of branding and signage was one thing which impressed Simon on his visit and Liberal Democrats were delighted when the Council decided at the end of October to put some money into improved signage at Southport Market.

The rather grand looking building In the background of the last picture is apparently the former Shrewsbury workhouse. Simon claims that he was educated there, but we assume that is just his strange sense of humour