Thursday, 12 March 2009

David Heath the Lib Dem MP from Somerset came 2nd in the ballot for private member bills which means he has a real chance of proposing a bit of legislation that may reach the statute book. David has selected to promote the Fuel Poverty Bill.

The Fuel Poverty Bill will bring in two measures:

A major energy efficiency programme to bring existing homes up to the current energy efficiency levels enjoyed by modern homes

Social tariffs to limit vulnerable households’ exposure to high energy bills

This is a very important measure and in line with our modest attempts in Birkdale to increase the take up of existing energy conservation schemes

I was pleased at the last Sefton Cabinet when John Fairclough an (old) Labour Councillor from Bootle urged everyone to contact our local MP to make sure they turn up on Friday afternoon to make sure the Bill survives it's second reading. The Tories were saying 'me too'. I did pause to think whether they knew what they were talking about. This weekend at Harrogate I found Liberal Parliamentary candidates who had challenged their Tory MP's to support David's Bill only to be rejected. The young, and very impressive, Theo Butt Philip was one who had clashed in public over the issue.

Have a look at this page on the Liberal Democrat website