Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Harry Potter wants his invisability cloak back

I'm sure it has been said a thousand times but I've never heard it before. Within 40seconds of the start of Southport's match against Stafford Rangers on Saturday the visitors had scored. It was one of those occasions when everyone was open mouth as it appeared to be massively offside. The players are quite close to the crowd at Haig Ave and when someone called to the Stafford No 10 he looked up. 'Harry Potter wants his invisibility cloak back!' He had the good grace to smile and run away with his back to the crowd.
Apart for the 3minutes at the end of the frist half when Southport scored three times it was a poor game. A full report here. As one wag said 87 minuted Meols Cop Rec, 3 minutes Real Madrid. Indeed the crowd was more entertaining that the game. At half time one elderly gent began talking to me about how cold it was. I agreed. 'Ah' he said, 'It is cold enough to hang meat.' Well the thought had not occurred to me.
Tonight Southport have a crucial game. They need to play better that they did on Saturday how ever cold it is.