Tuesday, 24 March 2009

David Heath's fuel poverty Bill

All those of us who have been campaigning on fuel poverty and energy conservation will be aware that David Heath's important Bill went down in the House of Commons last Friday for lack of MP's in attendance-full story here

At the last Sefton cabinet meeting I attended John Fairclough (Lab Bootle) exalted us all to ensure that our MP's turned up-the Tories appeared to agree(which is slightly strange given the attitude of many Tory MPs)

Interesting I noted that of those who voted:

20 Conservatives (out of 193)
28 Labour (out of 350)
45 Liberal Democrats (out of 63)
1 independent

Given John's advocacy I looked to see how the two Labour MPs for Sefton voted, both had signed the supporting early day motion and neither turned up.