Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lessons from East Birkdale

The clocks went forward this weekend and the I felt the need to obey the traditional annual call to go canvassing. A team set off in Birkdale last night. There are no local elections this May but our body clocks are so conditioned to go out that uncomplainingly we went.
We started in an area of mixed housing; some former council houses, some small owner occupiers of terraced houses and some RSL stock.
I had an very well informed chat about global warming with one young Mum and she told me how pleased she was with our kerbside recycling collection. There was one very aggressive older lady who slagged off politicians as a class. Looking at the canvass cards(in Birkdale we have records going back more than 25 years)it was clear that she had 'previous' for such views. Overall it was a positive evening. I was struck by the attitude of almost all the pensioners we met. Even quire mild mannered folk were angry about the bankers and contrasted their own struggles with the governments hand out to bankers. I can fully understand them. I guess that many of them had taken pride in saving for their retirement and looking after themselves. Their savings have been savagely hit by recent events. They are the innocent and powerless victims of the folly of others.