Thursday, 5 March 2009

Birkdale Benches

New benches have been installed in Birkdale Village. Thanks to the good offices of David Pearson we managed to secure some quality benches from Lord Street.

Joint action between Birkdale Councillors has led to new benches being installed
in the Village on Saturday morning. Iain Brodie Browne

Originally it was suggested that a mind boggling £8000
was spent on new benches, but putting political differences aside and working
together for the good of Birkdale we have been able to achieve a much better
deal. We want to thank Cllr David Pearson who has helped secured surplus benches
from Lords Street. These are of a high quality and have been renovated and

In these tough financial times every penny must be
wisely spent and to achieve the project for only £400 is very good value for
money. ‘Re-use and re-cycle’ has been a motto of the environmental movement for
a long time and I think we can claim to have lived up to it on this
occasion. We have, I hope, demonstrated that working together is a better
way of serving the people than constant petty arguing.