Monday, 2 February 2009

Why are you worried if you have nothing to hide?

As the casual erosion of liberty rolls on in Britain quicker I suppose we ought to turn our attention to the pottier arguments deployed in favour of this nonsense.

Lynne Featherstone has an article on Lib Dem Voice today which tackles some of the issues. Locally the use of ANPR cameras have been a cause of some concern. Our Transport spokesman in the Commons the redoubtable Norman Baker has made some suggestions on how these concerns can be met. In part the environmentally good idea of road pricing presents some of the same issues. Norman proposes that:

'Given the dismal record of the current government on safeguarding personal data, we would accompany our system with a ‘Privacy Guarantee’. This would ensure that personal details are encrypted and held separately from journey details, which would provide insurance against government abuse or incompetence'