Friday, 6 February 2009

Tory Budget shambles?

There we were all sat around the table for Sefton's cabinet yesterday morning. Peter Dowd had his sheaf of red papers with the Labour Budget and Tony Robertson had his sheaf of yellow papers with the Lib Dem budget. But where was the Tory budget?
Not finished! now we have known about this date for a long long time. The idea is that the Cabinet passes a budget to Overview and Scrutiny for comment before it is approved by Cabinet and full council.
If you were interested in doing the best by Sefton you would be keen to let your colleagues know what your proposals were so, if you had any good ideas they could be incorporated in an improved budget. Not the Tories.
I share Tony Robertson's view that the likely explanation is not some clever Machiavellian trick but just failing to hand their work in on time.
At cabinet I did suggest that it was a bit like turning up with a bit of course work and not handing it in until you'd had the chance to look at everyone else's answer.