Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spooks for liberty

Stella Rimmington, formerly Britain's top spy has given an interview to a Spanish newspaper lambasting the government for using fear a s a tool for passing repressive legislation. Ms Rimmington who has previously told the government that ID cards were 'absolutely useless'

All this tells us more about what is truly nasty at the heart of New Labour which has authoritarianism woven into its DNA.

There is another twist in the tail of the UK ID saga reported to me via Roy Connell:

Airline pilots are refusing to take part in Government trials of ID cards planned for Manchester and London City airports.The British Association of Airline Pilots (BALPA) has told the Government and the airport managers that pilots will not co-operate with the plans:“ID cards have absolutely no value as far as security is concerned...

It is clear that the Government’s staged introduction of biometric identity cards first to overseas students, then to migrant workers and then for aviation workers represents a way of picking off what is seen as easy or compliant targets.”

You can read the full story at Home Office Watch: http://tr.im/gh4fPlease also pass this story on to friends or colleagues, and encourage them to sign our petition at http://www.libdems.org.uk/noidcards/