Friday, 6 February 2009

smell of burning rubber

If I had not have been there I would have doubted that anyone would have been so.......well words fail me.

Simon Shaw and I successfully persuaded Sefton Council to oppose the introduction of ID cards. Three Tories pointedly refused to support our straight forward motion. We thought that there may have been a principle involved here. But no. Like so many other things there has been a sharp hand brake 'U' turn carried out. One of the tree pro ID card Tories suddenly, effortlessly changed direction.

The government had sent out a consultation on the implementation of the scheme. I proposed that as the council had a settled policy on the issue we should respond by sending them a copy of the resolution. Up pipes the previously pro ID card Tory to say: We can have nothing to do with ID cards and votes to have my resolution (that she had opposed) sent off to the government.

Now I've nothing against folk changing there mind. In fact I applaud it. But you would expect a tad of humility and explanation. Mine you it is not the first time. Some folk voted to put car parking charges up after the credit crunch had struck whilst refusing to do so at the height of the boom. (most folk would say that was the wrong way round). Equally there are some people who went on and on about re introducing weekly bin collections and how achievable and cheap it was but have never proposed it in a budget, there is even one member who supported the retention of a nasty bit of legislation which many folk felt was indefensibly anti gay only to reinvent herself as an equal ops champion.

You would just like to believe that these conversions were not just the result of ' sitting at their front room window waiting for a passing bandwagon to go by so they can jump on Sir Ron Watson memorably put it in another context.

In fact you would like a little consistency of principle so that you know when a politician signs up to an idea they will stick with it and not flip flop..