Friday, 20 February 2009

Housing Crisis

Way back at the beginning of the recession the Lib Dem Councillors moved a motion at full council focusing on what Sefton could do for those hit by the economic downturn. In particular we looked at a range of options concerned with housing that we felt the council could undertake.

Predictably the other parties had not got their act together to propose a motion and reacted badly to us having stolen a march on them. I remember one masterly piece of procrastination from one Labour member questioning our proposal for housing associations to step in to buy homes that were on the verge of being repossessed-a proposal his party later adopted. Sadly some of those rescue packages have failed to materialise and the government does not appear to have been able to inject the necessary urgency into the situation and as Nick Clegg has pointed out not a single family has been helped by the much announced flagship scheme.

Vince Cable has launched the Lib Dem proposals which reprise some of the suggestions we made and adds a few original ones-including identifying some dud schemes that can be wrapped up and the cash used better.

Urgent action is required as the full extent of housing repossessions is revealed