Sunday, 1 February 2009

Brillant Victory

On Saturday I was due to go to go to Haig Ave with Richard Hands to see Southport take on Torquay in the FA Trophy. Torquay are a league above Southport and are in the pack chasing promotion to the Football league. You could say it was a stretch target for Southport but they have come through previous rounds against higher league opposition.
I turned up late having detoured to see Richard in hospital to find Southport one nil up. The Torquay fan who brought me up to date was very generous about the quality of the goal. He had left his home in Brixham at 5.45am and had spent the morning in Southport with his wife. They were both very impressed with the town and had clearly done a lot of shopping. Someone ought to do a study on the economic benefit of a successful football club to the town.
The remainder of the second half saw Torquay having the lion's share of the ball but not seriously threatening.
In the second half after a period of prolonged Torquay Southport came into their own with a well taken goal and they became dominant. The final goal was , well judge for yourself by following the link below.
I'm not really fully up to speed with this technology but this link ought to get you to a You Tube video of the Southport goals and the third one is really amazing, it made every smile even the Torquay fans - a real feel-good afternoon
I bumped into John Siddle from the Visiter this morning and we talked about the game. He assures me that the player is insisting that he intended to score! (and here was me thinking it was just a hopeful punt up the ground and the lad had turned his back and was jogging towards the Blowick end)
I have just heard that Southport have just drawn Telford away in the next round. That is a tough challenge. I guess that a tie against a Conference premier side was the preferred option.