Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lembit at the Tree Tops

Lembit is of course an accomplished teller of stories and he regaled us with a few choice ones last night. I think the one that will stay longest in the memory is his conversation with Ian Paisley who offered to carry out a wedding for him and with his usual megaphone delivery promised to 'tie the knot very,very tight!'

I was less persuaded by him asking 'why don't true socialists like Earl Grey tea? '

Because all 'proper tea is theft'', which of course is a play on Proudhon's famous quote. Personally I would have called Proudhon more of an Anarchist that a socialist. Incidentally I was gobsmacked recently when I chanced up a copy of David Owen's book 'Face the Future' when he calls Proudhon in aid of his ideas. He described him as a mutualist...

Anyway to the substance of Lembit's talk. Clearly his part in the Northern Ireland peace process has had an enormous impact on him and he suggested that the lesson's learned there should be applied in Afghanistan, Iran and Palestine. He condemned the 'War on Terror' and called for dialogue with groups who clearly had popular support.

All in all it was a good evening and Richard Clein's campaign to become the MP for the new constituency of Sefton Central is clearly gathering pace.