Saturday, 31 January 2009

A curious incident at TreeTops

I turned up at the Tree Tops Hotel last night to support Richard Clein who had organised a dinner with Lembit Opik the Lib Dem MP for Montgomeryshire.

I was a tad concerned when the first person I saw was Paula Parry the Tory Leader on Sefton council, I turned around and there was one of her colleagues Martyn Barber-both extremely unlikely candidates for defection.

What on earth was going on? There were about eight or so Tory councillors in the bar all jumbled up with the 50 plus Lib Dems.

Well of all the hotels and restaurants to choose from we had both booked the Tree Tops. Everyone behaved decently and we happily went our separate ways.

But where was Lembit? It transpired that he was lost. He had left London at 5am, done a breakfast meeting in Mid Wales and via another meeting he was on his way to Formby. My picture shows Martyn Barber on the phone along side Richard Clein giving directions to a no doubt bewildered Lembit !

Martyn Barber deserves a vote of thanks for for being most helpful and giving Lembit's driver accurate direction.

Lembit always brings a rather surreal atmosphere to an event but for me it was heightened when-due to Lembit's lateness-the photographer from the Champion had to leave and asked me to step into the breach and send the Champion a photo. Well the Champion have never published a photo of mine. I need to check but I'm fairly confident that they ignored the one I sent them of Nick Clegg and me at the Lib Dem NW summit and the one of Norman Baker and me at the launch of the campaign for a high speed train to the NW and other related rail issues including the inclusion of the Burscough Bends in our investment plan. So watch out and see if I break my duck this week