Sunday, 7 December 2008

We could have predicted this...

Why on earth didn’t the Tories check their facts before launching their own version of ‘Joe the Plumber’ on an unsuspecting world. The man, Shane Prescott, a Southport builder is quite well known around the town .

First of all the story broken on Mike Smithson Political Bettting website:

1. Well, David Cameron has been standing up for the lazy and slothful, by featuring in last night’s party election broadcast a builder whose firm went into liquidation in 2006 owing £240,000, after which he went on an £11,000 holiday in Australia.”
If they’re going to do the whole Joe the Plumber/Sarah Palin thing can they please replace Osborne with Nadine Dorries.No need to worry about the economy when you can see the end of days.

It got hastily followed up by the Daily Post and then amongst other places the Evening Standard

You would have thought that at the very least they would have consulted their local party. Ah, perhaps they did.

Their best plan would have been to check with us –Sefton Tories do have a reputation in some quarters for serial incompetence! Just consider very recent events;

firstly the take David Cameron to Southport Market to have his photo taken to celebrate a decision the council hasn't taken and to welcome spending no one has agreed to
then there was the £750 000 that the Southport Tory MEP Den Dover claimed (Cameron should have cottoned on to Sefton Tories lack of judgement at that point-after all it was so bad he had to kick Den Dover out).

the they pay so little attention during a key debate in cabinet –about improving our links with Lancashire- that they land up voting the against it, insisting that their dissent is recorded and then deny that they did it! (I notice that on reflection they did try to change the minute altho’ they’ve done that before to cover up their embarrassment,)

then their was the planning committee when they tried to run a populist campaign against the placing of a phone mast –almost literally egg on face –as they had led the residents to understand that the mast couldn’t go out of harms way in the local cemetery as most folk wanted only to find the representative of the company contradict them

then there was Tory Cllr Tom Glover taking it upon himself to withdraw an objection to a traffic management scheme which was made by a local resident only for it to become apparent that he had got the wrong end of the stick (again) doh!

It goes on, and one and on and on...........Did I tell you the one where they drummed their own former leader out of their party, or their attempt to deselect one of their most successful councillor for ‘having a loud voice (apparently that is Sefton Tory speak for daring to dissent in private-it must of been in private because we knew nothing about it)

David, David you may have thought you had found your Joe the plumber, instead you got yourself a Sarah Palin