Thursday, 4 December 2008

Lynne Featherstone

Iain Dale the leading Conservative blogger has been comparing and contrasting the performance of the two Haringey MP's our own Lynne Featherstone and Labour David Lammy. It struck me when I looked at responses on Dale's blog to the beastly behavior of our own dear Sefton Tory leader towards her colleagues how foul mouthed and uncouth some of them were.

All this raises the genuine difficulties challenge for those involved in local government. Sometimes life gets too cosy & consensual and the culture is against asking the difficult question or robustly challenging the confident reassurances of officers-many of those are very,very nice people.
There is a extra dimension in Sefton where the necessity of maintaining the all party administration-chiefly because no one can find an alternative- is important. This can lead to people biting their tongues where if they had been in opposition they would have pursued an issue. It is an environment which may let the officer run the show without check or hindrance and where the usual 'holding to account' of politicians may be diminished