Thursday, 4 December 2008

A correction

It has been brought to my attention that my memory about Simon Shaw's victory in the 1981 local election is less than perfect-particularly describing the ward he won as Dukes. (My excuse is that I am not so old that the past is in better focus that the present) I am indebted to the then constituency Chair -Southport's top local historian- Michael Braham who reminds me:

'You will recall that while there are 7 District Wards there were only 6 County Council seats. The boundaries that Simon fought and won included a hefty chunk of Kew Ward covering if I remember correctly the section from Linaker Street to Railway street which had formed part of the old Southport West Ward and we lost some 'Tory' bits at the Manchester Road end to Cambridge so it was around 70% Dukes Ward.'

He went to to comment:

'The Tory was Mrs Morland whose husband Robin, was their constituency Agent. All eyes were on the seat being defended by Jean Leech into which we put a tremendous effort. Anyway Dennis Grifiths won which we all thought pretty sensational. Then somebody came over and said that Simon`s seat was too close to call. I told them not to be so bloody stupid. Nevertheless we all rushed over to the Dukes count. I don`t how Robin Morland ever explained his candidate`s defeat to his Constituency Chairman let alone his wife'

My memory was that the Tories were so shell shocked that they didn't even ask for a recount Both Micheal and I agree that Simon's campaign was one of 'highly expressed emotion'

Details of Michael's publication on Southport Liberal's-The First Hundred Years can be found here, he co authored the famous tome on Southport Football Club, and lots of articles