Monday, 22 December 2008

Clegg's first year

Clegg's first year has produced a fair crop of article's and editorials. These have all be covered elsewhere in detail. I was most struck by the contribution he made himself in a lecture to the Demos think tank.

One section has been widely and deservedly quoted:

'A liberal believes in the raucous, unpredictable capacity of people to take decisions about their own lives.

A Socialist believes in the ordered, controlled capacity of the state to take the right decisions about other peoples' lives.

A liberal believes a progressive society is distinguished by aspiration, creativity and non conformity.

A Socialist believes a progressive society is characterised by enlightened top-down Government.

Meanwhile, the Conservative tradition in British politics has oscillated wildly between a paternalistic view of the state - as sceptical as the Left of the capacity of people to take charge of their own lives - to an aggressive consumerism wedded to an unreformed model of politics at home and a brittle, slightly neurotic, nationalism abroad.'

The full speech can be found here