Monday, 22 December 2008

CEO and Assistant CEO depart

Friday afternoon saw the farewell party for Sefton's CEO and the excellent Assistant CEO. It was good to see them both in fine form. Chatting to former senior Labour Councillor I was pleased to learn that he thought his successors (and their partners in the Tory party) whose actions meant that these two staff did not serve out their time and complete the Sefton plan as it was originally conceived were 'plainly bonkers'. This accords with my view. I have not always agreed with the out going CEO but i do respect him and appreciate that he has given straight forward and professional advice. I guess that is what has caused the problem.
Anyway it was a 'good do' with many off the record comments-most of which I shouldn't repeat as those it was aimed at are too thin skinned and lack the self knowledge to appreciate how ridiculous they are and I have neither the time or the inclination to remedy that.
Steve Sheridan the Ass CEO who really is one of the great writers of reports and whose talent for turning other people's ramblings into coherent english one has to marvel at has had a long career in local government. All his training and experience had prepared him for his move to the Chief exec's department where he would grapple with the big strategic issues -like tree planting in Blundell Sands or (as a Tory Councillor whispered to me) the fate of goldfish.
Equally it should be said that the impact on the Merseyside Pension Plan of the CEO's lump sum has not caused more problems than the credit crunch. Indeed we are lucky that the CEO did not decide to go down the legal route after the 'illegal council meeting' that triggered these events, if he had then there would, I suspect, be a much larger whole in the public finances.