Thursday, 13 November 2008

Vince wins top award

The Spectator awards this year are very interesting. You can read all about it here but the key bit about Vince is below:

We turn now to our penultimate award, the coveted title of Parliamentarian of the Year.
Our winner sprang to the lips of the judges almost instantly so clear and unanimous a choice was he.
His parliamentary rise in the past year has been in the words of one judge “nothing short of meteoric”, transforming him from the status of respected caretaker of a party in crisis to a level of national popularity of which most politicians can only dream.
As the first malevolent shoots of the economic crisis sprang from the soil, he always seemed a step ahead not only of the Government but of the Conservatives: incisive, dry, impeccably informed and – as it turns out – terribly prophetic.
On personal debt, Northern Rock, the loss of 25 million benefit claimants’ details, and the Labour Party’s funding travails he was always right on the money.
And in his quip last November that the Prime Minister had undergone a “transformation in the last few weeks from Stalin to Mr Bean” he coined the best parliamentary line of the year.
He says that his ambition is to win Strictly Come Dancing. Until that day, he will have to make do with this honour.
The Parliamentarian of the Year is Vince Cable.