Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sefton Tories v NW Tories

I'm not sure who is a worse mess Sefton Tories or the NW Tories. Chris Davis the Lib Dem MEP for the NW has upset a lot of Tories with his campaign to clean up Euro expenses and the NW Tories have behaved in a a way that has forced the Tories to act . Chris's work to expose the excesses of the Tories deserves some praise it will be interesting to see if our local papers cover these issues after all these folk are Tory representatives for our town. The BBC covered this story and even a leading rightwing blogger covered it saying:

'Den Dover Euro Cash Laundered Into Tory Coffers +++
According to the Electoral Commission records, Den Dover's "service provider" company MP Holdings gave £1,200 to the North West Tories and printing worth £1,701 to the Chorley branch in 2004. Dover has personally given the party £57,000 since 2001.'