Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Roy Connell has brought to my attention an email from the Lord Rennard on ID cards. Part of Cameron's attempt to rebrand the Tory Party has been the adoption of Liberal ideas. We have seen this on 'green' issues and Human Rights. Most of us are not persuaded as almost all the Tories we meet are quick to tell you that they haven't changed their minds, read the Tory blogs and you can see how shallow the approach is, even if you take Cameron at his word if members aren't following.
On Sefton Council the Birkdale councillors proposed a motion opposing ID cards. The record will show that three Tories opposed us. One of them ran her election to the council on a platform against the repeal of Section 28, so much for a commitment to human rights. It is enough to make Cameron weep.
Anyway back to the Lord Rennard and his missive:
Today’s Daily Telegraph brings news that even a GCHQ security expert doubts the supposed benefits of ID cards:"Speaking at an IT security conference in Wales, he rubbished ministers' claims that the multi-billion pound scheme would enhance national security ... Mr Mattinson is not the first figure from Britain's intelligence community to reject Government claims for ID cards. Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5 has also questioned their value in fighting terrorism."You can read the full story at:
As this story shows, there is a really strong case against ID cards - but we do need to keep on making it. So please also pass this story on to friends or colleagues, and encourage them to sign our petition at :