Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Not fit for purpose?

I do despair sometimes about how the political system can work properly in Sefton when some of the key players are simply not keeping up with the basics. If you fulfil the role properly as councillors then you have to take your responsibilities seriously. A basic level of competence is essential. If you keep failing the equivalent of Key Stage 1 then people will begin to question your fitness for office. If you try to cover up your failure by blaming the paid staff then you will find it increasingly hard to be taken seriously and provide the service that you may seek to give. We have seen this in America where Sarah Palin has wowed the 'base' conservative vote but has fallen apart when asked straight forward policy question and is clearly ignorant (and proud of it) of essential background knowledge.
I reproduce the minute of the Sefton cabinet last week relating to the debate on the city region. It is accurate. I predict that there will be some who, having not properly thought through the issues-or were simply 'doing a Sarah Palin' -will seek to replay the issue. In so doing they will clearly advertise that they are not 'fit for purpose'

Further to Minute No. 25 of the Council meeting held on 31 July 2008, the Cabinet considered the report of the Chief Executive which provided an update on the governance arrangements for the Liverpool City Region.


(1) the general proposals on governance set out in the report be endorsed subject to the submission of further reports to the Cabinet and Council as the detailed work on governance proceeds;

(2) the Outline Forward Work Plan be endorsed and officers be authorised to engage in further discussions and report back on progress to the Cabinet on a regular basis;

(3) the practice of circulating all Merseyside Leaders' Agendas and Minutes to all Cabinet Members be continued in relation to the new Shadow City Region Cabinet;

(4) the lead responsibilities allocated to individual authorities be reviewed on a regular basis of at least every 3 or 4 years; and

(5) Sefton Council take a lead on the development of on-going links with Lancashire County Council and West Lancashire District Council on City Region issues.

(In accordance with Rule 18.5 of the Council and Committee Procedure
Rules, the following Councillors requested that their vote against the
resolutions above be recorded, viz:

Councillors Parry, Platt and Porter)