Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Leader's anger.......

I got an email from our Leader on Sefton Council yesterday. Normally if you were to say that a politician was angry folk would shrug their shoulders and think 'so what'. This is different. Tony 'doesn't do anger' He is one of those gifted individuals who can go into a room where everyone is at each others throats and calmly emerge having got everyone to agree and amazingly they have all landed up agreeing with him. That is why he is the best Leader for Sefton Council. He will no doubt upset those who like a more blood thirsty style of politics and it is clear that at least one local journalist has failed to appreciate his talents but most people-paid staff and members at Sefton- have recognised how lucky we are.

I hope that puts the following-the email I got from Tony- in context:

'Rarely, do I get hot under the collar about political issues but to see the pathetic response of the yar boo Tories to our national and indeed international financial crisis makes my blood boil. How come when Vince Cable can speak common sense on the crisis day in day out the Tory leadership can mutter little more than incomprehensible nonsense? The fact that Vince has predicted virtually every turn in this crisis and has gained considerable independent support in the process shows how feeble the Tories have become.

The last major crisis that we faced was going to Tony Blair's War in Iraq. All the Tories could do then was whimper in the background and vote for war whilst Ming Campbell stood up for the truth.

Politics can at times be rather dishonourable but at least we can say that our leaders have the courage to speak the truth at times when decent leadership or indeed opposition is in short supply'

This is the BBC package Tony was referring to:
Cable derides 'fig leaf' tax cuts

The government's plans to boost the economy by cutting VAT and to raise taxes on high earners are a "very limited, fig leaf", says Vince Cable.
The Lib Dem Treasury spokesman said he failed to see how a temporary reduction in VAT from 17.5% to 15% would give the economy a "major stimulus".
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