Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Leader and Rosie

I hope our readers in Alaska have logged on for the second in our Dog Blog series as it features Roy Connell's dog Rosie. Roy points out to me that Harold Wilson (who was lucky to survive Michael Braham's challenge in 1974) had a dog named Paddy. Sadly I cannot trace a picture of him. David Lloyd George had a dog, this time I have a picture but no name. I am sure that one of Historians out there will trace it for me. I too remember the uproar when LBJ picked up his beagle by the ears claiming that the dog liked it. JFK who had the good sense to choose a Welsh Terrier was far too media savvy to upset the animal rights lobby. The final photo is Roy's Chocolate Labrador , he writes that it was :

'a ''retirement '' present from my lovely wife Beth in the hope of keeping me active , but (she the dog ) actually keeps me sane !!Your story of Politicians and their dogs was one that struck a note with me as I recalled a few moments from history , it was Harold Wilson that had a Labrador called 'Paddy ' that was brought to my attention in my very early days into politics , and then that awful picture of another President LBJ holding his dog up by the ears!! he would probably get impeached if that happened now! As you can see by one of the pictures Rosie networks in the very highest circles in Sefton , and I know Tony likes Labradors also.

Another little bit of Labrador interest was soon after Rosie had arrived than a very good friend past over to me an article by that well know newspaper columnist Chapman Pincher who was writing a story about his Chocolate Labby called Dido named not after the pop star but after the Queen who founded Carthage, the story was very moving as it was in the form of an obituary for the dog who he had for 12 years and had taught him how to live life to the full and what a privilege it was just being alive . He was so taken with this dog that he wrote books as if she was the author , titles such as 'One Dog and her man' and when Dido had her first litter a book entitled'' My Box of Chocolates'' he wrote others and I am luck to have been bought a couple of them they are for Dog lovers a great read . In ending I am reminded of Kipling's immortal words ''Brothers and Sisters, I bid you beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear; is this because they give 'unconditional love'?