Saturday, 22 November 2008

Dukes ward Coffee Morning

Saturday morning I went to a coffee morning for our colleagues in Dukes Ward. The event was well attended and Joan had produced the firat mince pies of the season-I some how think by the time we get to Dec 25th they will not be quite so welcome!

Afterwards many of us went afterwards to the Southport Kidney Fund fair at Lord St West where Joan Coleman presided. Joan is amazing. I have good reason to know how effective Joan is, she chaired Southport Liberal association in the early 1980's.During her involvement with the Kidney Fund they have raised their profile in the town and been effective lobbiests It was good to see such a good turn out at the fair.

Anyway back to Dukes Ward. For regular readers this is the epicentre of the bloody and fratricidal battle within the Conservative Party. Those wanting to know more should click on the 'label' Tory squabbles at the foot of the page. I warn you reading about the way they treat each other is not for the faint hearted!