Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Consequences of the War

Lord Bigham-the former Lord Chief Justice -has confirmed what most legal opinion has asserted for some time namely that the invasion of Iraq broke international law and that in effect the US & UK were little better than vigilantes. The BBC has the story.
A couple of thoughts -how do you hold politician to account when they break the law with such terrible consequences and why has this issue died down in the UK when it is still alive in the US.

Keynes wrote a devastating little book in the aftermath of WW1 -The Economic Consequences of the Peace. The Liberal Party 1928 'Yellow Book' the detailed economic programme that Lloyd George adopted under Keynes's influence contains a section on the Economic Consequences of the War. Observing the US Presidential election it is clear that the economic impact of the Iraq War was central to the political debate. In the UK the impact on funding that illegal War has scarcely been addressed and yet the cost in lives and equipment is staggering and has surely had an impact on our present predicament. Let us hope that any public enquiry that now results from Lord Bigham's pronouncement includes the economic as well as the legal and 'intelligence' issues.