Thursday, 13 November 2008

Birkdale Tories an their MEPs

Disgraced Southport Tory MEP-he of the dodgy £.75m -hails ,I'm informed, from Pilkington Rd and went to HGV.
How many former Birkdale Tory candidates can you indentify in these pictures? Sometimes in politics it is wise to sup with a very long spoon
It would be nice if our Tories were a little chasened by the disgraceful behavior of one of their number. We have endure -and so have many of their own backbencher- far too much criticism on the(false) basis we are all badly behaved. Well none of us have laundered hundreds of thousands of pounds. But as one Tory backbencher whispered to me a while ago 'if you have Mrs Bouquet as your role model you will always put appearances above substance'.