Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rochdale Lib Dems

Paul Rowan the Rochdale MP is seen here with Mike Booth, Sue Maguire and me looking at our new newspaper. I've known Paul for many years going back to Young Liberal days. I was particularly interested to see him as Sefton's new Chief Exec has come from Rochdale MBC and Paul is a former leader of the Council there.

David Tattersall Cabinet Member for the Environment in Sefton is seen talking to William Hobhouse who is the Cabinet member for Resources in Rochdale . For those interested in Liberal History William Hobhouse is a member of the same Hobhouse that gave us L T Hobhouse the philosopher and leading light in the New Liberal Movement at the turn of the C20th. His book entittled 'Liberalism' is still worth reading.

The final picture show the two environment cabinet members getting to know each other better and I understand that David feel that there are things that we can learn from Rochdale