Tuesday, 14 October 2008

open goals and bins

As a Scotland supporter (I proudly fail the Tebbit test on nationality) I was gutted- as the say in football interviews- when Chris Iwelumo managed to miss an open goal from a yard out at Hampden on Saturday when Scotland drew with Norway. What was the man thinking off? He clearly was not focused on the job in hand or at the ball at his feet. Did he panic on the big occasion or was he simply out of his depth, impressive at a lower level but unable to make the step up to a higher class and compete with the giants of Norway.
I was thinking is there a political equivalent. Imagine if you will a world economic storm, a perfect tsunami: Banks crashing, pension funds going belly up, small businesses going bankrupt, family homes being repossessed, folk’s life time savings wiped out, small shareholder carefully investing in triple ‘A’ rated bank shares only to find them nationalised at a tiny fraction of their value even two weeks ago, the government borrowing half a trillion pound on which we the tax payers will have to pay the interest, massive unemployment once again the realistic fear felt by the UK equivalent of ‘Joe six pack’ and ‘hockey moms’, massive cut backs in public expenditure on the way etc., I guess you get the picture. Now in the midst of that fear and chaos when all around are looking for leadership and a coherent plan to guide us out of this turmoil, up steps a ‘would be’ champion for local people pitching to be their advocate on the national stage where these big issues of economic survival are decided. What are her views on the political issue of the moment-well of the decade, well of the rest of her life? Er,Er, at last it comes-she wants her wheelie bin collecting more often. Well that’s a comfort if you’ve lost your job, or your business, or your life savings-a real NW Trains League sense of priority. It may have been better if she had said nothing….