Saturday, 11 October 2008

Home with the Hamiltons

Morning Coffee with the Hamiltons was the scary event that the title suggest. May and Robert opened their home this morning for a Birkdale Ward fundraiser. We attracted a good crowd and I persuaded some of them to leave their conversations about the economic crisis and join me for a photo.
It is gratifying to hear how well received Vince Cable's economic policy has been. As one wag remarked the last time the Liberal's held the high ground on economics was 1928 when Keynes inspired the Yellow Book

I remember the 50th anniversary of its publication and was present at the launch of the reprint, the guest of honour at the reception in the National Liberal Club was the redoubtable Margery Corbett Ashley who was a feminist, suffragette, internationalist & Liberal candidate. She had been part of the team that had produced the book. In many ways the brilliance of this document blighted the Liberal Party as this hefty book was seen as the template for a manifesto- it ran to 503 pages. Thankfully the 'popular version'-'We can Conquer Unemployment' was must briefer.

I can't quite make all the dates tally as I have written on the fly leaf of the book February '77