Monday, 1 September 2008

Labour backs 'Neo Cons' again

Every so often in politics there are moments when a shiver passes down your spine. The war in Iraq was one such moment. I guess for a previous generation Suez was another. I fear another such moment is upon us with the US ‘neo con’ response to the crisis in Georgia and the pathetic way that the Labour Government have followed suit.
Robin Cook with his dream of an ethical foreign policy is no doubt spinning in his grave. The British Foreign Secretary cannot even summon up enough courage to protest about the fate of a British resident, Binyan Mohamed, held by the Americans, subjected to rendition and torture and now on trial in a ‘military’ court where his defense team scarcely know what he is charged with and certainly haven’t seen all the evidence. Is it surprising that some people aren’t listening to Miliband as he rants about the Russian’s disregard of international law whilst he is complicit in supporting the US in its outrageous breaches of Treaties?
It is a bit rich for America to get indignant about the illegal invasion of a sovereign state as that is exactly what they did in Iraq. Mind you it is equally stupid for Russia to get uptight about Georgia using military force within its own boundaries in S. Osstia as that is what they did in Chechnya. So there are no good guys- but that should no blind us to the fact that if given the choice we would all prefer to live in those states that broke free of Russia-Latvia, Ukraine, Poland, Chez republic etc rather than those still subservient –Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and all the other central Asian states . Many people were optimistic about a new world order when the Berlin wall came down but we appear to have wasted the opportunity. How did we think Russia would react if America put a stonking new missile system on its border with Poland, did they imagine that the UK massively expanding its nuclear arsenal would make them feel safe? Who are we meant to be 'nuking' anyway? The international institutions that need building up if international law rather than might is going to prevail; like the UN and even Europe, are diminished and rubbished by the ‘neo cons’. If we are going to make the world safe we have to make it better for everyone you can't just make it safe for ourselves.