Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fairtrade-Tory Shame

My very good friend Anthony Hill a Councillor for Victoria ward in Crosby is often held up by the Tories as the type of Lib Dem councillor they think is acceptable. This is no doubt linked to the fact that they have not the remotest chance of defeating him. The Tories come distant third in his ward. The latest FOCUS from Victoria Ward which they kindly sent me includes this most revealing story. I reproduce it as it is written:

Tory Fairtrade Shame

Sadly four Conservative Councillors voted against the Fairtrade resolution. One leading Tory councillor said she didn't like the taste of the coffee!

Speaking the debate Cllr Hill responded:

'This is not about the taste of the coffee, but about supporting producers in developing countries by paying a fair price'

I regret it is not hard to guess the identity of the Tory councillor........