Sunday, 21 September 2008


Richard and I were out this weekend following up some queries that local residents have contacted us about.

Potholes have appeared in Hillside Rd and these have been reported aand filled. Vandals have destroyed trees recently planted at Sandon Rd shops. We were annoyed after all our efforts to get a 'planter' that the parks department have failed to look after it. As a temporay measure we did a liitle weeding ourselves. And then there was the saga of the telegraph pole in Clive Rd. I've not seen one installed for years. The residents nearby have been effected by street flooding and the suggestion is that is the cause of the interupted phone service they have esperience-several houses have had not landline phones and no internet. BT have not consulted and so we are unaware if this is a tempray measure or whether they intend it to be long term. The residents would like it removed and the ducted cables repaired. We have been in contact with BT and will keep people posted. If you would like to complain write to:

Asset Assurance Programme Office South

Internal Box 16

Bedford TEC

Windsor Rd


MK42 9TA

Cars parked 2 deep on both sides of Carr Lane at the weekends causing a real saftey issue and we are seek a better alternative

Local residents have contacted us with concerns about the alleyway connecting Guildford Rd and Essex Rd. On inspection we found it full of weeds anf litter. I have organised for a litter bin to be placed at the bus stop at the Guildford Rd enterance and Richard has been chasing up the weed spraying.
Finally a large sign appeared outside the funeral parlour on Liverpool Rd and local residents contacted us. Richard followed the matter up with the planning department and the sign has been removed