Wednesday, 20 August 2008

County cricket comes to Birkdale

Well, 2nd XI county cricket. Sadly the days when the first team played County Championship matches has gone. Unless my memory is playing tricks I remember Gladstone Small having been dropped from the test side turning up at the S&B for warwickshire in the early '80's.

Well that didn't take long, thank you for the emails drawing my attention to the following from the BBC's website:

'I heard recently that in 1982, the first incident of a substitute taking a wicket occurred. How did this come about?

When Gladstone Small was called up by an injury-stricken England team for the Edgbaston Test against Pakistan on the second morning of Warwickshire's Championship match against Lancashire at Southport, the TCCB playing conditions permitted a full substitute to replace him.
Thus, on 29 July 1982, David Brown became the first substitute to take a wicket in county cricket.'

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