Friday, 27 June 2008

What leak?

There was some rich entertainment at last night's Sefton Council Meeting. Leaving on one side the collapse of the Lab/Con coalition we had the ritual abuse from the Tories. They seem to think that if they keep repeating a statement it somehow becomes true. For some while they have been asserting that Lib Dem councillors are leaking confidential information. To the the best of my knowledge that is not true. We finally got a little fed up with this smear and confronted the allegation asking for evidence. Up pops the Tory leader all smiles and confidence to point the finger at Cllr Fred Weavers. This was the only allegation she presented. There was a little intake of breath and stunned looks around the chamber. Fred? Now Cllr Weavers is an ex-Marine trained to kill with his bare hands, the only councillor skilled in withholding information under torture. I am 100% confident Fred leaked nothing. His guilt is confirmed in Cllr Parry's mind seemingly because he was quoted in a newspaper article that did contain a leak. But there is NOTHING to link Fred to passing the confidential information. We await an apology. Maybe it would be best if Cllr Parry followed the advice given on the night by a rather statesman like contribution from the Labour Deputy leader Ian Maher, namely it is time to move on. I would rather hope after that rather embarrassing episode Mrs Parry would think twice before she allowed her colleagues to keep repeating smears that they can produce no evidence to support.
Sadly given the way she treated her colleague Cllr Pearson our confidence is not high that she has a firm grasp of the principles of natural justice. It is a funny old world when you have a Tory MP resigning to uphold the freedoms granted under Magna Carta on the one hand and yet here in Sefton we have a bunch of Tories who seem to think it is ok to assert someone is guilty of a misdemeanor without the need to produce any meaningful evidence. One or two of the existing Tory group have explained to me that this is the way she operates. To silence opposition first she isolates the victim and then she convicts them on flimsey grounds. Cllr Pearson I understand was advised by the then Tory President Jermey Myeres a local solicitor. He got him off, maybe we ought to retain his services now he has more time on his hands since he and 3 others have resigned from their positions with Southport Tories. Oddly I've come to believe that first she convinces herself she is in the right and does everything with the complete conviction that she is right. A little self doubt on her part would not go amiss.