Monday, 16 June 2008

Sefton Tories fall out again and again

Since Les Byrom's departure to the Labour party much has been written. A lot of it not worth reading. Iain Dale the top Tory blogger revealed how much Les's expences were and predictably all the outraged of Tumbridge Wells and their friends and relations wrote in to pile unpleasant comments on Les. He didn't say that the Tory Leader who arbitarily sacked him claims about the same amount of expences! Anyway we all know that the back stabbing in Sefton Tories has reached blood bath proportions if Les-a natural and convinced Tory- was prepared to walk. He leaves behind two very vulnerable colleagues who will doubtless now suffer the brunt of the Tory knives.

Les 'opened his heart' to John Siddle in Fridays Visiter and it is worth reading

Jim Hancocks, the doyen of political correspondents in the NW, wrote a bit in today's Liverpool Post and that is interesting as it confirms the view that the Local Labour party are none too happy.

The upshot of this is that is one less Tory on Sefton council. I would guess that most of his former colleagues back Les over the failure of the Tories to support the governments move to allow 42 days detention without trial. And we have a by election in Yorkshire over civil liberties-well a few civil liberties. David Davis has a poor record on Gay Rights, the death penalty 2 cheers for his stand. I wonder how long the Tories will honour his pledge to repeal the legislation if they come to power?