Monday, 9 June 2008

Love bombing the Tories

One of the most nauseating spectacles at the Crewe by election was the site of Tory Eric Pickle's MP 'love bombing' Liberal Democrat voters. He praised us and our policies and activism to the heights and then implied that the Tories agreed and that they were a better bet to implement such liberal views. If you oppose ID cards then Vote Tory, if you want Gay Rights Vote Tory, if you want an enquiry in the Iraq War vote Tory, if you want green policies Vote Tory etc..... This is deeply cynical stuff as we well know that such policies are abhorred by rank and file Tories.

At least in Southport we will spared such nonsense. How on earth could the Tory Parliamentary candidate honourably stand on such a platform. On Sefton Council she was one of only three Tories who voted against the motion opposing ID cards that Cllr Shaw and I moved. As a candidate in the Ainsdale by election her literature included a pledge to oppose the repeal of section 28 -the anti gay bit of Thatcher's local government Act. Some of us who canvassed in that election will not quickly forget some of the homophobic tirades were were treated to by some of her supporters clearly motivated by her stand. I moved a motion opposing the Iraq War and like Tories in parliament she failed to support our stance when it mattered and when it comes to green policies, well words would fail me if she honestly tries to suggest that she would support any of the controversial measures required to make a real difference.
So in Southport it is as it always was; if you want a liberal vote Liberal Democrat.