Friday, 22 February 2008

letter from the lga

A very nice letter landed on my desk this morning. It was from the chair of the Local Government Association Sir Simon Milton. He was congratulating us for 'the very considerable improvement that your council has made in the last year..' Now there are lots of people who think that the Comprehensive Performance Assessment is a load of baloney. This view was trenchantly expressed by Tony Greaves earlier this week. No surprise there.
I cannot see that you can run a multi million pound organisation successfully unless you have some clear way of examining your progress and learning the lessons. The CPA is so far from ideal that it is easy to attack but some performance management is important.It is fashionable to suggest that the new Local Area Agreements are an improvement. I fear that our room for manoeuvre will still be significantly restrained and the government whims will still carry too much weight. If we are to serve our local population better then we need to raise and control more of our own resources.