Friday, 22 February 2008

I was struck by this commentary on the Northern Rock crisis by Steve Richards. Some of the criticism sounds awfully familar. Last night on Andrew Neils politics show we were invited to consider the analysis that Vince had done so well on Northern Rock because he had said what he would do in power whilst Osborne was just thinking how he could embarass the government. Anyway back the Richards:

“Yet the Conservatives' credibility is being tested too. They began by supporting the Government. Subsequently they condemned Mr Brown and Mr Darling and warned against nationalisation without coming up with a clear alternative. Yesterday the shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, attacked the Government for not taking the decision to nationalise earlier while making clear he still opposed this particular course. Mr Osborne is getting good at having his cake and eating it, but this is not a sequence that suggests the Conservatives value consistency and coherence over opportunism.”