Wednesday, 13 February 2008

From our sports reporter

A guest blog from David Sumner recalling events at a recent Southport Area Committee. For accuracy it should be noted that David Pearson did not attend this meeting.

By our sports editor
Southport F. C. 14 Tories 0

The scene…Southport Town Hall
The event….Southport Area Committee

'Trust in Yellow' promoting Southport Football Club had asked the Area Committee to help in paying for directional signs for away visitors to Haig Avenue.
The Tories went straight into defence with the fact that all their money was to be spent on other things. Lib Dems attacked with the importance of backing our local football club. All the play was at the Tory end with them defending their “no help for Southport FC”. A tight battle was fought in one ward were the two Lib Dems out played the Tory in a magnificent display. The final outcome to this battle was a Lib Dem Victory 14 – 0. The Tory Manger cried foul but she was ruled off-side by the Ref. The true winners of this epic battle was Southport Football Club.