Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Candleford and the Archbishop's dilemma

Watching the television adaptation of Lark Rise in Candleford on Sunday night I was struck by relevance of the plot to Rowan William’s dilemma. The plot in brief was that the devoutly Christian postman was being required to work on the Sabbath. He was clearly offended by this and the local postmistress had accommodated his honest objection. The Inspector arrived and insisted that there should be one law for all and that the poor man had to work on the Sabbath.
It is important in a pluralist society to agree how much room there is to uphold honestly held convictions. In that context I was saddened, if not surprised, to see Williams’s predecessor join the throng of disapproval. I’d have thought that if could not agree his best plan would have been to keep his mouth shut. If we are driven to the position when there is one rule for then Carey and his followers who have flooded the airwaves this week( see a Liberal England) might well find that a majority of citizen may feel it appropriate that the C of E should not have an opt out of the equality legislation when it comes to the employment of gay clergy