Monday, 18 February 2008

BBC bias ?

It is not an original thought I know, but Newsnight managed to carry two major domestic political stories; Northern Rock and the Iraq dodgy dossier. These are two issues on which the Tories have not made the running. Even now it is hard to fathom precisely what the Tory would do on Norhern Rock, their only policy would appear to be to keep repeating 'nationalisation' and 'old 1970's style Labour'. We had an extended clip of David Cameron and the studio discussion after had the Tory spokesman. There was not a glimpse of Vince Cable despite the fact that he has been the most impressive and intellectually coherent spokesman on the issue.

Next came Iraq. Once again we got the Tory Haig. Now unless I've missed something the Tories -excluding some honourable exceptions-supported the war. In fact to recall some of the enthusiastic support Tories offered and the hard time some of they gave Kennedy I am fairly convinced they would have supported the war with or without a dossier. The one major party who opposed the war was the Lib Dems but no Ming or Micheal Moore or Clegg just more Tories