Monday, 21 January 2008

David Pearson -the shameful action continues

Firstly John Siddle deserves credit for sniffing out this story. I can add from my own sources that that the Tory group meeting was anything but harmonious. Sir Ron allegedly raised his expenses issue- for which there was not a lot of sympathy. I'm told that Les was absent-he certainly missed the council meeting-but that the talk was of increasing David's suspension to ensure he cannot stand in May. I have had it confirmed that in large part the attack on Pearson is really aimed at Les Byrom and Sir Ron who are seen as disloyal and not backing the beleaguered Brenda. If I were the Tories I would be striving to get the two Grandees back on board, without them they cut a rather second rate profile. Instead the bloody squabble raised itself at the council meeting as John Siddle predicted below with Paula moving the axing of the Dukes Ward Tories from key committees. My colleague Cllr Shaw raised the question of whether Pearson's suspension from the Tories allowed them to count him in the number when it came to committee places. An issue that needs following up

Future of Southport councillor remains uncertain
Jan 16 2008
by John Siddle, Midweek Visiter

THE future of suspended councillor David Pearson is now “impossible to predict”, according to a Conservative source.
The Dukes Ward councillor was set to be reinstated at a meeting on Monday, after an appeals committee recommended reducing his suspension from six months to two.
But Cllr Pearson, who is currently on vacation in Cyprus, remains suspended and is likely to be dropped as the party’s representative on council committees at a meeting tomorrow.
Sefton’s Conservative Group leader, Cllr Paula Parry, said Cllr Pearson was not discussed at the meeting due to his unavailability.
However, sources within the Conservative Party told the Visiter that heated exchanges had taken place at the meeting, and that the group’s chiefs remain reluctant to withdraw the party whip.
“David being away is being used as an excuse to not do anything about it.
“We’re in a complete quandary. I don’t know where we are going, I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said a source.
Cllr Pearson has appealed to the national Conservative Councillors’ Association in a bid to have his suspension overturned. That appeal is set to be heard on Monday, January 21.
If a six-month suspension remains enforced, the former Mayor of Sefton will be ineligible to stand for re-election in May, despite having the unanimous backing of his ward committee.