Thursday, 20 December 2007

Tory sentence commuted

Southport Champion report the outcome of David Pearson's appeal (below headline) . What a climb down, how humiliating for the leader. Her writ clearly does not run in Dukes ward. No amount of spin can alter the essential fact ; they tried to stop david standing in May and they failed. That surly will embolden the other two. What is more entertaining and far more damaging is the publication of the charge sheet. How petty and trivial it is. Further evidence -if any is needed-that the Porter Parry leaderhip is serially cock up prone. As the recieved political wisdom states: accident prone leadres are not accident prone by accident!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ex-mayor cleared to stand in elections

A FORMER Mayor of Sefton will be allowed to stand in next May’s local council elections.Councillor David Pearson was suspended in November for six months from the local authority’s Conservative Group for ‘not being a team player’. His suspension would have ended after the elections on May 1, making him ineligible to represent the Tories.A representative of the Dukes (town centre) ward, Cllr Pearson appealed against his suspension. The Conservative area appeals committee has now considered his appeal and The Champion understands the suspension has been upheld. However, the committee has suggested the suspension be reduced from six months to two, meaning he will be able to stand. That recommendation will go before a meeting of the Tory Group in early January and The Champion understands it will be approved.Neither Cllr Pearson nor Tory leader Cllr Paula Parry would comment.The charges against Cllr Pearson included not being popular with other Tory councillors, being too outspoken, having too loud a voice, being too friendly with the Liberal Democrats and not being a team player. He denied the accusations and said at the time the comments were “typical of the innuendos that have been formed against me.”Popular in Southport with a wide range of people and groups, his own ward committee selected him to be their candidate while he was suspended.Yesterday (Tuesday) a Tory insider told The Champion: “Our group is united, apart from the Dukes ward councillors. We felt David had overstepped the mark and we wanted to fire a shot across his boughs. “His suspension has been upheld, but we won’t push for a full six moths ban. We have made our point but we don’t want to rip our party apart.”One of Cllr Pearson’s Dukes colleagues is Cllr Les Byrom, who was overthrown as group leader by Cllr Parry.