Friday, 7 December 2007

Tories in handbrake u-turn

After months of scare mongering and campaigning for an end to the wheelie bin collection regime the Tories quietly signalled their retreat at the Environment meeting this week. It was Cllr Barber who when confronted with the facts accepted that the option that the Tories were pedalling was not on. The full report on the £7million the Tories wanted to waste! is here.

Of all the embarassing cock-ups the Tories have suffered this is the most humiliating. Within weeks of approving the new system they were out campaigning against it. Leaflets were produced that in the same campaign supported and oppossed the system. We will produce all these leaflets. Those published during the Manor Ward by election are particularly damaging.

There seems to be a theory amongst some Tories that is ok to vote for a proposition and then pretend to all and sundry that you are going represent pockets of opposition to the very policies you have agreeed.They are unreliable partners. Imagine this was not politics but personal relationships.What would you think of someone who told you the agreed with you and agreed with what you are going to do. These things may be difficult for both of you. Then you find the very people who agreed those decisions with walk out the door and start slagging the proposition they have just agreed with. Talk about flipping and flopping-

The best bit was Les Byrom who has led the charge against wheelie bins was up on his feet trying to distract everyone from the uncomfortable fact that his party has signed up for the second year running to the alternative weekly collection in the budget process. Every red herring he could think of was thrown into the debate. But the simple truth remained that the Tories have performed a hand break wheelie U turn.